Why does this blog even exist?

Well, it’s getting dark out, in case you haven’t noticed. This world’s messed up, and society’s going down the drain. Meanwhile, the face of Christianity in America falters. We live in a nation of narcissists and churches throughout the country have succumbed to it. Western culture has poisoned what we call Christianity today. According to Revelation 3:16, many of our churches are lukewarm. And, therefore, I must speak the truth and “contend for the faith” (Jude 1:3). I must stand as Ezekiel did, a watchman for his people (Ezekiel 2:18). I must speak as Jeremiah, and Amos, and Jesus the only true Savior did: truthfully, despite the consequences, for the love of God and those He has called and a broken world. And, the truth is, many of us have been caught in the appalling trap of lukewarm Christianity. I believe the only true escape from this trap is being in love right. I can explain more in this post.

Why would you listen to me?

It’s not so much a question of whether I myself am a credible source. The real question that should be asked and answered is whether or not what is said on this website lines up with the Word of God. Is it true? The prophets of old we’re killed, tortured, lied about, imprisoned, and ultimately hated oftentimes. And why was that? Because they declared what God commanded them to. Because they told the truth. Again and again in the New Testament we’re told that we will face persecution as believers. People will oppose us as believers. So then the second question is, which end are you on? Are you gonna be the persecutor or the persecuted? The insulter or the insulted? The lover of God or lover of self? Your very life depends on which side you’re on.

So who am I exactly?

Well, my name’s Everet Slaughenhaupt and I’m a 18-year-old disciple of Jesus who attends an evangelical free church in Colorado. I think it was sixth grade when I legitimately “made my faith my own” up at a retreat with my youth group, and I’ve been growin’ ever since. God’s given me great parents, mentors and discipler(s), trials, and training to get me to where I am today. He makes this whole blog and everything possible. As for more personal stuff, I love acting and, at times, enjoy writing poetry, and I used to be really involved with my school newspaper. In case you didn’t notice, I’m also not much for those third-person, ironically generic bios. But, I can honestly say if you wanna connect with me or learn more about me, you can follow/friend me on whatever platform I’m on or join my email list and then direct message or email me from there.

Awesome! You're all set.