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I expect to write another post on this topic. In the initial post, this post, and in other(s) to come, I hope to frame some sort of argument in offense of the institutions playing large roles in destroying our society and, more than that, our people and their children. In general, I wish to look at our society. Additionally, and probably hand-in-hand with this, I wish to implore you to take a look at your own worldview, the value you put on education and higher education in the modern sense, and the state of our society. This I say particularly in regards to this post. I implore you to consider the words of a student taking classes at a secular college. Consider the words of a student who has gone through the public school system since sixth grade. Consider the well-being of yourself and your children. And what is more important?

For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?

Mark 8:36

I began college classes fairly recently. I graduated from Eaton High School this year, before starting online classes at the community college I attend now. I can tell you from personal experience, the public school system is bad. It’s evil. You can read my “Part One” post here that I wrote back in December of 2019 discussing the Eaton School District.

This post is going to look at the next level of the great evil of our country. It’s going to take a look at the destruction of our people. Furthermore, it’s going to take a look at the destruction of our children. It’s going to discuss the brainwashing indoctrination camps and utterly horrific death chambers known as public universities in this country.

Let me start with a horrifying specific of the aftermath and then delve into the monster that is helping drag us into its mad, evil-loving rebellion.

I’m involved with doing street evangelism in Fort Collins, Colorado. I and the team out there often come across relativists. These are people that often posit that both of you are right, even though your beliefs are contradictory. Sometimes they won’t even agree that 2+2=4. They might not be willing to even tell you you’re wrong, even though they will repeatedly imply it. You can hardly reason with these people oftentimes because they have very little logic and rationality. They might say things like, “Well if it’s true for me, it doesn’t mean it’s true for you.”

Just last night, the horrible specific came up, the horrible specific of just how far this goes once relativists stop contradicting themselves less and less. You see, relativism is not lived out practically, at least in general. Whether you believe gravity exists or not is irrelevant to the fact that if you jump off a building with nothing, and nothing to stop you, you will fall. Relativists will frequently contradict themselves because they don’t want to be offensive, but you must accept many evil, offensive things in order to reject objective truth (something that is true regardless of what you believe) entirely. Some relativists do this. 

The horrible specific demonstrates the terrifying place we are beginning to arrive at as a people, and the horrible specific is this: a while back, a lady I do street evangelism with was talking to a relativistic individual. In order to get relativists to see the flaws in their reasoning, questions about morality might be asked. Things like, “Was what Hitler did right?” and such things as that. Well, the individual being talked to was asked whether it would be right for someone to kidnap, torture, molest, and murder a small child. The answer, you’d think, would be obvious. But, no. 

The relativist says that it’s not right for her, but she can’t say it wouldn’t be okay for someone else to do. And what governed the truth for her? Her feelings. Those were the “objective truth” that she trusted, though that is no objective truth at all.

How scary is it that someone can say that their feelings decide what is truth, and also say that it could be morally okay to torture, rape, and kill a child? It’s not okay for her, and that must be based on her feelings. But her feelings can change, so what’s to say she will not molest and murder a young boy or girl? I’m not saying that this individual would ever do such a thing, but morally there is, at least in word, only her feelings standing in the way of doing something as atrocious as that.

This is a small demonstration of where our society has brought us. Over the many months I’ve witnessed on the streets of Old Town Fort Collins, I’ve come across many a relativist. It’s everywhere. The teachings of it were present in my own high school. Students believed such things as relativism, at least in some regards.

I am taught in sociology about marriage and the family, and so family must be defined. And what does my instructor say? That if you say you’re a family, then you’re a family. And what example does she use? What does she compare it to and say it’s the same as? It’s the same as self-identification. And she listed ethnicities. If you say you’re white, black, Asian, etc., then you are. She pretty explicitly implied this. What else? Divorce isn’t hated by God. Marriage is just a legal contract subject to breaking. It doesn’t matter the gender of people.

In Cultural Anthropology, you get brainwashed with the liberal’s set of virtues too, as in at least almost every other class I have. Acceptance and tolerance are at the top of the list of virtues. We don’t have to agree with the practices of other religions, but we must appreciate them. In a video we were to watch, the man teaching even stated that, in a sense, there is no absolute right or wrong.

A major factor of the blindness in people I meet in Fort Collins is being brought to light for me as I work through these first few weeks of college courses. I’m enrolled in such classes as sociology, anthropology, comparative religions, and world mythology. The relativistic mindset is an ideology soaking through the teaching. Humanism soaks through right along with it. And those things, taken to the nth degree are and can be very dangerous.

I’ve gone through several weeks of classes and I’ve already come to times where I want to get away from the garbage. There’s the idea of getting to know what the enemy does, but after hours of time spent learning lies, it can begin to wear on you. The Devil might begin tearing at you with all these illogical, irrational thoughts that seem more and more rational because you hear it so much. It’s indoctrination at it’s finest. Brainwashing in its prime state.

So we’ve looked at where society’s teachings can take us, to being an individual accepting of child molestation, kidnapping, torture, and killing. We’ve discussed some of the teachings in example and broader, less-detailed terms as well. Now the line of argument is this: do not send your children away to a secular institution. Even further, do not send your children away to most “Christian” universities.

I would not simply advise you to tell your children they ought not go to a secular institute. I would not simply make a casual argument that it is not wise to send kids off to a public university. Rather, I would plead with you. I might make the plea on the basis of a question: “How could you sell your children to Satan?”

I do not make this argument lightly and it is not simply existent in my head, I do not think, because of its shock value. To suggest “good, Christian parents” would do such a thing is a high accusation to make, some might think. And, yes, it is a great horror, but not because of my propensity to make such an accusation; it is so because of the propensity of us to allow this great tragedy to fall upon us and our children. It is a great horror because of the blindness not just coming to our children as we send them away, but because of the blindness upon our very eyes to think it’s okay to hand them over to the enemy to be mutilated.

I speak in such terms and hope you might understand the magnitude of what I’m saying and not dismiss it.

How can I call sending 18, 19-year-olds away to a secular college selling them to Satan? Because we pay to give them over to the work of the devil, pay for them to be taught the teachings of demons (1 Timothy 4:1). We sell them in exchange for better reputation. We sell them in exchange for higher social standing. We sell them for better career opportunities. And are those things always even received on our end, for them? No. But we pay thousands upon thousands of dollars to let Satan train up, teach, fondle, and harass our children for four years. 

The things that they, the demons and their vessels, will do to your children… They will likely destroy them, and I don’t care how strong you think they are. Do not be deceived. Do not be deceived. Bad company does corrupt good morals (1 Corinthians 15:33). Do. Not. Be. Deceived. Your children will be ravaged. Demons will teach your children and like demons your children will probably become.

Right now I refuse to put this in nice, soft terms. I refuse to do so. We need to understand, and those of the church need to understand, and those that are planning to attend college soon need to understand: you are not stronger than Satan. Is Jesus? Yes, of course He is. Satan has lost the war. But Satan will drag your child to the depths of Hell with him if he can, and oh will he try. Mark these words, he will try.

Do not excuse handing your children over with the apologetic, “Well Christ is stronger than Satan. My child has Christ. My child will, therefore, be fine.” Do not be fooled by that.

Imagine you have a young girl and get offered $2,000 to throw her into a pit of lions to fight them, with only a small knife to aid her. Imagine you lost your job, and in order to not lose your house, to have enough money to make payments, you need that money. The reasoning you have in that moment, then, is that God can protect your little 9-year-old girl and give her the strength to defeat the three full-grown lions at the bottom of the pit. Could God do this? Yes. Would it be godly and/or biblical to throw your little 9-year-old girl into a pit of lions on the strength of the argument, “God can use her to defeat them?” No. Would you even throw her in if it was morally and biblically okay to do so? I don’t think so.

So, how in the world could we throw our children to a pit of hungry lions that just can’t wait to sink their teeth into the flesh of our kids, just because those lions aren’t literal? We’ve been told Satan is like a lion seeking to devour someone (1 Peter 5:8), and sending our kids off to secular institutes is like us throwing them right to the lion.

They will do things to your children that will horrify you, if you a true, strong Christian. They will brainwash and destroy the minds of your kids. They will lie to them, and turn them into preachers not of the truth but of lies. Sending your children into the enemy camp like soldiers will likely not result in them coming back having won the victory. Several things could happen, but the likely outcomes are not the desirable outcomes. I will discuss three of the potential outcomes.

The first and most likely outcome is that they go into the enemy camp and come back only as an enemy soldier, having joined the enemy in their exploits. They come back proclaiming and living for the ideologies of the leftist murder campaigns and damning humanist worldviews.

The second outcome is that they come back badly wounded, bloody gashes all over and bruises to the head and hands. Maybe some broken bones. They come back, their minds destroyed and confused, trying to cling to the truth they had once learned but have so long forgotten. They are torn apart by the propaganda and believe plenty of lies now. Healing and recovery will take time, and they may not even fully recover in this life. 

The third, and I’d say least likely, option of the ones discussed, is that they come back, a soldier worn out and tired from war. They come back, reporting what the enemy camp looks like, their face grave and expressions solemn. They shake their head amazed. They might even look around and say words like, “People shouldn’t go to places like that. It’s evil. So evil.”

This post is already stretching pretty long, so we’ll revisit the destruction of our society in a later post and continue this discussion I think.

But, I make the plea with you to consider these words. I do not say these things all-inclusively, as in every single person ought to follow this. There are circumstances and situations where I might not say it’s a bad idea for someone to go to a certain institution. But, generally, and do NOT automatically think this excludes you/your kids, this is what I think the case is. I will say, and will likely discuss this later on, that for girls especially, they ought not be sent to a secular institution for four years to get an education.

If you have comments, questions, criticisms, judgments, angry remarks, or anything else you want to say or talk to me about, you can comment on this post, shoot me an email, or DM me on one of my social platforms. Or if you know me you could talk to me in person.

Consider these things. Consider the graveness of what’s been discussed. Think about the honoring of God and the protection of your children’s lives. We ought not buckle under the weight of our society and culture’s pressures.

To God be the glory forever and ever, amen.

All denoted direct verse quotation are taken from the ESV

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